Beach trip? Safety first!

Heading to the beach to cool off?

We don't blame you, it is officially HOT 🌞🌞🌞, and the water tempting for many of us.

So, if you're planning a dip, please pay attention to how to enjoy the water safely.

Always go to lifeguarded beaches with red and yellow flags like this.            Credit: Getty Images

These safety tips may be simple, but following them might save your life:

🌊 Jumping from piers, rocks and heights into water can be very dangerous. There's a reason it's known as 'tombstoning'. Consider the risks to yourself and others. Young people could be watching and may attempt to mimic the activity. If you jump when you feel unsafe or pressured, you aren’t going to enjoy the experience.

🌊 Make sure you check the weather and tides to check it is safe to head out, wear appropriate footwear and clothing for your activity, know the sea conditions and stick to coastal paths.

🌊 Ensure that children are well supervised at the coast.

🌊 Choose a lifeguarded beach and if you decide to go for a swim, always swim between the red and yellow flags.

🌊 If you get caught in a strong current or rip current try to stay as calm as you can, raise your hand and shout for help. Hold on to your surf or body board if you have one. If you can’t get help, try and swim parallel to the beach until you’re out of trouble then swim to the shore. If you can stand up, wade instead of swimming.

🌊 If you find yourself being blown out to sea, or if you unexpectedly fall into the water, 
shout for help and wave your arms. Remember the RNLI advice to Float to Live.

🌊 Never use inflatables in the sea or rivers. They are best saved for use in swimming pools.

🌊 Carry a mobile phone so that you have a way of making contact in an emergency and make sure you tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. Consider putting your phone in a waterproof pouch.

🌊 If you're taking part in any water activity, such as kayaking, wear a lifejacket.

📞 As ever, our message is; keep safe, but if you see anybody in trouble or if you get into difficulty, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

If you need further advice about how to stay cool and general heatwave advice, visit the Met Office website for the latest weather warnings ☀️🌡️

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