Don't risk it - storms and selfies

Credit Ross Macdonald, Dunoon Coastguard Rescue Team 

Stormy weather might produce breathtaking photographs but it might be the last breath you ever take if you’re there at the wrong moment.

With parts of the UK set to be battered by winds up to gale force strength this week, please don’t risk your life to take pictures at the coast, however dramatic it looks.
Image above, credit GFP Media

Credit Ross Macdonald, Dunoon Coastguard Rescue Team
Even professional photographers put on their longest lenses and keep a respectful distance from the storms.

Credit: GFP Media 
And don’t risk walking or driving next to sea walls. A sudden wave can wash you and your car away in moments not to mention children and pets.

Duty controller for HM Coastguard Ben Hambling said: ‘We say it every time and still people don’t heed the warning. Our beautiful coast and seas can turn deadly in a moment. Don’t risk your life for a photograph or a selfie. It might be the last picture you ever take.’

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