Shetland and Orkney celebrate Coastguard 200 milestone

Shetland and Orkney teams have marked Her Majesty's Coastguard's two hundred year anniversary this month, with two events bringing together the 14 Coastguard Rescue Teams on the Northern Isles.

Alex Dodge, Senior Coastal Operations Officer for the area, said they had decided to organise two events to ensure 'everyone could make it' and that volunteers on both sets of islands were fully included in celebrating two centuries of their local communities supporting – and working or volunteering for – the Coastguard.

Coastguard staff and volunteers alike were also presented with a special Jubilee medal.

In Orkney, the scrumptious cake was baked by the daughter of one of the Coastguard Rescue Officers as the teams came together at one of the bases to enjoy some food, each other's company and share stories past and present of some of the more memorable moments. They were joined by Alex and Coastguard Chaplain Tom Ebbens.

Senior Coastal Operations Officer Alex Dodge helped to organise the celebration for the Area 1 teams

In Shetland, the teams were invited to enjoy their celebrations on board a well-known local ferry, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being passengers. Alex said it was 'wonderful' to see Coastguards from across the years come together in a celebration of a rescue service that is only possible because of the volunteers in it. Alex and Tom again attended, joined by fellow Senior Coastal Operations Officer Donna-Claire Hunter.

"It was really wonderful," Alex said. "Everyone enjoyed themselves - and by doing an event in both Orkney and Shetland, everyone could make it.

"We're very proud of our service and we're delighted we were able to enjoy the day."

Coastguard Chaplain Tom Ebbens cutting the spectacular cake made for the Orkney teams

And the Shetland teams met on the local ferry at Lerwick for their event


Pictures from Orkney

Pictures from Shetland

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