Swimmer in Cornwall had "done all she could" to aid her own rescue

A swimmer who was swept out to sea at Little Fistral beach in Cornwall has been rescued after being spotted from the shore.

The woman who had a pink float and a pink hat was easily seen by the caller who rang 999 and asked for the coastguard.

Newquay and Padstow coastguard rescue teams were sent along with both Newquay RNLI lifeboats and the coastguard helicopter from Newquay.

It was just before 12.45pm that the call came into HM Coastguard with the caller giving updates on where the swimmer was.

Matt Rogers, Team Leader with HM Coastguard said: “This swimmer had done a considerable amount to give herself a chance of being rescued if things went wrong. She not only had a float that was a bright pink colour but was wearing a hat of the same colour too. It meant our caller could help give us information that enabled the swimmer to be rescued quickly.

“It’s a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong even for the most experienced and why you should do all you can to help us help you if the worst happens.”

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