Yacht crews rescued by HM Coastguard as storms batter south west

If you get into difficulty at sea and make a distress call, we will respond. And can there be any more beautiful sight for someone who has done that than to see a lifeboat or a coastguard volunteer or a helicopter coming to their aid?

Last night, the weather was bad across the south west. There were undoubtedly some very frightening moments for people caught in the middle of those storms.

Imagine then, hearing the unmistakable sound of rescue coming in the form of the HM Coastguard helicopters from Newquay or St Athan and the hope it must bring.

This was one of those moments when however prepared you are or whatever you've done to keep yourself safe and sheltered, even in an anchorage, it is sometimes no match for the merciless sea.

Captain Debs Bhattacharya, who was one of the HM Coastguard pilots involved in a series of rescues off the south west last night said:

“The strength of the wind was definitely the biggest challenge during this rescue as the gusts reaches 65 knot at times, creating significant sea spray, so visibility was poor.

"It was so strong that yachts anchored in the sound were being blown around substantially as the anchors could not hold against the high gusts, so it definitely added additional challenges.”


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