HM Coastguard helicopter rescues swimmer in trouble off Tunstall Beach

A swimmer had to be rescued when she got into trouble off Tunstall Beach, Holderness earlier this afternoon.
Two people had gone for a swim when the conditions changed and one of them could not swim back to shore. The second swimmer called HM Coastguard for help.
HM Coastguard’s helicopter from Humberside was sent along with Withernsea and Hornsea Coastguard Rescue Teams and the RNLI lifeboat from Withernsea.
The swimmer was winched to safety by the helicopter and taken to Hull Royal Infirmary.
Sam Stockdale from HM Coastguard said: “This is a stark reminder of how quickly things can change at sea and can catch out even the most experienced swimmer.
“The swimmer’s friend did exactly the right thing by calling us as soon as she could. Time is of the essence in these potential life and death situations and we will always respond to those in need.”

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