HM Coastguard warning to keep well back from unstable cliffs

HM Coastguard is warning people to stay well away from cliff edges and the bottom of cliffs following a spate of recent rainy weather resulting in unstable areas near the coast and sea.

At Whipsiderry Beach near Newquay, Cornwall there was a cliff fall on Sunday (7th February).

Sadly, the rocks fell on a family dog burying it under the rubble and narrowly missing the owner who was warned by another member of the public that the cliff was about to give way for a second time. 

Elsewhere, in Aycliffe, Kent, a group of five people were warned to move away from cliff edges following a recent cliff fall. A further cliff fall at Scratby in Norfolk was also reported to the coastguard.

A large gap, which has now been cordoned off by coastguards, opened up in the coastal path between Seaford Head and Hope Gap in Seaford, East Sussex.

And near Swanage, Dorset, a Coastguard Rescue Team investigated a rock slip at Sheps Hollow and cordoned the area off.

Dai Jones, Coastguard Duty Controller said: “If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast and be in a position to take your exercise there in line with local COVID-19 restrictions, please do be careful near cliffs. Some of them are really unstable at the moment and could easily collapse. Stay well back, wear appropriate sturdy footwear and ensure that you check tide times and the weather before setting out. If you or someone else is in difficulty call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

#AlwaysOnCall: HM Coastguard responded to 506 incidents this past week (1-7 February).

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