Volunteering could lead to a full-time role with HM Coastguard

Are you interested in a career with HM Coastguard? Volunteering on a coastguard rescue team could lead to a full-time role as it is has for two volunteers from the Argyll and Islands team.


Jaimie Alexander and Colin Willis have been successful in their applications as full-time Senior Coastal Operations Officers.


Jaimie will stay in Argyll and Colin is taking up a position in Lerwick, Shetland.


Colin joined up as a volunteer three years ago after wanting to do something a bit different within the community. He said: “When I joined up as a volunteer, I didn’t have any expectations of a full-time position and very much enjoyed the fantastic experience of volunteering with a great team. The opportunity to apply for the role of Senior Coastal Operations Officer (SCOO) came along and the good experience I had working with the SCOOs from the Argyll and Islands team made me want to do the role.”


Coastal Operations Area Commander for Argyll and the Isles Dave Graham said: “Just one of the many reasons for volunteering for HM Coastguard is the opportunity to apply for full-time positions. Volunteering doesn’t guarantee you the job and it is a tough recruitment process but having coastguard experience is beneficial.


“It’s really great to see our volunteers getting the opportunity to work full-time, they bring operational experience and a passion to the role that can only come from volunteering for us, as well as bringing their own unique experience from their professional lives.”


If you are interested in volunteering as a coastguard visit www.gov.uk/volunteer-as-a-coastguard and contact the relevant area email address.


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