EPIRB Alert Sparks Search for Fishing Vessel Off Newhaven

At 6am on Saturday morning, HM Coastguard received an EPIRB alert located three nautical miles off the coast at Seaford near Newhaven, from the EPIRB (emergency beacon) of a fishing vessel.  

HM Coastguard immediately sent the Coastguard rescue helicopter from Lydd and RNLI all weather lifeboats from both Newhaven and Eastbourne.  Birling Gap Coastguard Rescue Team has been sent to check for sightings from the shore.  

Another fishing vessel in the area responded to the Coastguard radio broadcasts and is helping with the search.  The Coastguard rescue helicopter based at Solent will also join the air search.  

The fishing vessel is a 45 foot scalloping vessel with three people on board. The search is ongoing.  

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