Newhaven Coastguard celebrates 30 years of service

Station Officer Trevor Cutler from the Newhaven Coastguard Rescue Team is today (October 3) marking 30 years of service dedicated to search and rescue with HM Coastguard.
Trevor began his Coastguard career on October 3 1990 at just 19 years old with The Coastguard Auxiliary Service as it was known back then. After successfully completing his probationary period of six months, Trevor continued to dedicate his time to HM Coastguard answering and attending a vast amount of call outs.
In 1998 Trevor was made deputy station officer and worked closely with station officer Dave Riggs. Trevor became station officer of the Newhaven Coastguard Team in 2002.

For the last 18 years, with the love and support of his wonderful wife Louise and two children Chloe and Katie, he has dedicated every spare hour he has supporting all of the members of the team as well as attending many incidents and calls for assistance.
Sam Bennett, from the Newhaven Coastguard Team had this message: "Without you Trevor we wouldn't be able to do what we do so thank you for keeping us going.
"On behalf of all of us from the Newhaven Coastguard Team we would like to congratulate Trevor on achieving his 30 years service not only to HM Coastguard but also to the wider community."

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