Two fishermen wearing lifejackets rescued after vessel sinks

HM Coastguard was contacted by a family member who was concerned that a fishing vessel, with two crew on board, may be overdue just after 2pm this afternoon (16th August)

The vessel, which had been fishing for prawns, was found 18 miles off the North East coast and contact was made with the crew.

Bev Allen, Controller HMCG

Whilst on their VHF radio the crew explained how they had hauled up a large boulder onto the deck after bringing their nets in. Shortly after all contact with the vessel was lost and their emergency position indicator radio beacon (EPIRB) was activated.

Humber Coastguard Operations Centre quickly tasked Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat and the Coastguard search and rescue helicopter to the vessel’s location.

Thankfully the two crew, who were wearing lifejackets, had managed to get into a life raft after the vessel capsized and sank.

The crew were taken onboard Tynemouth lifeboat and brought to shore.

Bev Allen, Duty Controller for HM Coastguard said; The two crew were extremely lucky, we knew something was wrong as soon as we lost contact and the activation of their EPIRB confirmed it. Thankfully, the crew were wearing their lifejackets and were able to get into their life raft and are now both safe and well.

'We knew where the crew were but if we hadn't Personal Location Beacons (PLBs) and EPIRBs are a vital tool in an emergency, but even more so if they are registered to a person and vessel, so help us to help you, and make sure you and your vessel are  registered and up to date. It's free to do.' 

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