Rescue In The Solent

At around 7.20pm on Saturday, HM Coastguard was alerted by a VHF radio call and communications from Wightlink’s vessel Victoria to an incident involving
a disabled RHIB with five people on board at Ryde. HM Coastguard sent GAFIRS lifeboat (independent lifeboat based in Gosport) and Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team.  Fortunately crew from the Wightlink ferry were able to quickly recover the people on the disabled RHIB after launching their fast response craft. They were met at Ryde Pier Head by Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team. 

A spokeswoman for HM Coastguard said, “Here in the busy Solent, we are always impressed by the professionalism and speed of response we receive from our local commercial vessels and seafarers when there is an emergency at sea, despite their commercial pressures of maintaining service and sailing schedules.”

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