Avoid parking in coastal areas which restrict emergency service vehicle access

Help us to help you by avoiding parking in coastal areas which restrict crucial access for emergency service vehicles, including our very own Coastguard Rescue Teams.

In recent weeks, a number of our teams have reported being faced with difficulty accessing beaches and Coastguard Rescue stations due to members of the public parking in restricted spaces, especially along narrow rural roads and footpaths which often lead to the beach.

An incident at the coast and at sea can happen at any time and at any location but ourselves and emergency service partners could be prevented from responding quickly and ultimately saving lives if we are unable to travel freely and safely.

We are urging you to take extra care and be responsible for your actions by considering where you park when you visit the coast.

It is hugely important that, at this time, you check which local facilities are open – such as car parks – and also follow guidance from your respective government.

Please report any incidences of parking in restricted places to your local authority.

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