Take care at the coast as UK heatwave continues

As the UK experiences a mini heatwave this week and prepares for the hottest day of the year on Thursday, it's likely to be especially busy at the coast.

We want everyone to enjoy the sunshine and have a good time, but help us to help you by taking extra care at the beach.

When you’re planning your day out, don’t forget to include a fully-charged mobile phone so you can keep in touch, as well as drink plenty of water and apply suncream. Stay in touch with friends and family while you’re there, tell each other where you’re going. It’s really important that everyone looks after each other as well as themselves when at the beach.

Importantly, please remember social distancing still applies – it’s easy to forget when you’re out having fun at the coast. And keep in mind the relevant government guidance for your part of the country.

If you are planning to go in the water – think first. It’s easy to get caught out by the sea, even if you are an experienced swimmer. Please don't swim alone, don’t take inflatables into the sea and keep a close eye on friends and family. Not every beach is lifeguarded at the moment.

As always, our coastguard rescue teams and emergency service partners are always on call and stand ready to respond if the worst happens at the coast. If it happens, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Please stay safe. When the day is over and the sun is setting we want you all to come home safely with nothing but happy memories of a great day out.

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