Enjoy activities at the coast but please check conditions and tide times

HM Coastguard has dealt with a number of incidents this weekend involving paddle boarders, kite surfers, kayakers and windsurfers.

These incidents have required the help of our Coastguard Rescue Teams and RNLI lifeboats to be tasked to assist people to safety.

If you are venturing out on the water please ensure you check the local weather forecast, local tidal information and if you are in any doubt about your ability in light of the conditions then do not take unnecessary risks which could place you in danger.

If you choose to go out onto the water then make sure you have appropriate life-saving equipment and the correct means of alerting us should you get into difficulty.

As ever, if you get into trouble or see someone else needing assistance at the sea or the coast, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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