HM Coastguard rescue walkers in Snowdonia

The HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter from Caernarfon assisted mountain rescue after four walkers became stranded on Tryfan. 

At around 5pm on Saturday (March 7) the walkers requested help after they had found themselves stuck in a precarious position at the top of a rock-climbing route.

The Ogwen Mountain Rescue team set to work recovering the walkers, by bringing them up via rope to a ridge where the search and rescue helicopter was able to safely winch from.

The weather conditions were so poor that the helicopter was initially unable to assist but, at around 2am on Sunday morning, there was finally a break in the weather which allowed the helicopter to recover the walkers and mountain rescue team to take them back to their team base.

The search and rescue operation took some time and was completed at around 4.30am.
Chief pilot David Kenyon said: “This was an extremely difficult rescue in horrendous weather conditions with driving rain, strong winds and low cloud. The crew, and the Mountain Rescue Team on the hill, all performed excellently, operating to the very limit of what was achievable.”

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