First female coastguard rescue officer on Isle of Islay

Kate Hannett is the first female coastguard rescue officer on the Isle of Islay. Kate, who is a member of the Port Charlotte team, said: “Being in the team is something that I’m very proud of but for me it is here nor there that I am female. However, I have five young nieces on the island so perhaps I can be part of their generation, and others, seeing it as the norm for women to be in the coastguard.

“We have great women working in the coastguard teams on our neighbouring islands, in our local RNLI, ambulance crew, fire service and police. Regardless of gender, it’s a combined effort across the island’s emergency services and I’m proud to work alongside great women and men, many of whom I grew up with, for the safety and wellbeing of our island community.”

Since completing her training in December, Kate has been on three shouts – a search and rescue, a potential medical transfer and a pyrotechnic report.

Kate, who works in both media communications and as a forager for a gin company, said: “I would encourage anyone who might be considering volunteering as a coastguard rescue officer to do it. It can be challenging but it is also very rewarding. Coastguard teams thrive on having a good mix of people and skills from different backgrounds and occupations.”

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