Storm Brendan bowls in - be safe

Credit: Sallie Mogford

As storm Brendan comes bowling in from the Atlantic, bringing with it heavy rain, strong winds and storm force gusts of around 90mph in some places, HM Coastguard has renewed its appeal for people to take extra care on and around our coastlines and at sea.

The Met Office has issued two yellow weather warnings which means travel disruption is likely in Northern Ireland, Wales, the South West and west coasts of England, Scotland and north-east Scotland. Plus there are more warnings for high winds and more heavy rains as the week progresses.

Credit: Ross Greenhill
As well as issuing renewed warnings to people around the coasts such as staying clear of powerful winds and waves and not risking what could be a last ‘storm selfie’. Other duties increase during particularly bad weather when staff at Coastguard Operations Centres around the UK also have added ‘warning and informing’ duties for shipping and all vessels at sea.

James Instance, Coastguard Controller at Falmouth said: “As you might expect, stormy weather brings more challenges and danger in and around our coastal waters. Our extra safety warning and informing procedures are put in place so we increase the monitoring of traffic in our waters, setting our systems to track them and their progress. We will contact each vessel individually within our areas and ensure they are aware of the weather warnings so they can increase their own safety decisions such as looking out for dragging anchors or heading for a port to shelter from the worst of the storms. The wilder the weather, the harder we work to keep everyone as safe as possible,”

Credit: Michelle Jackson
If you see anyone in trouble around our coasts, don’t delay, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Credit: Scott Wallace

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