Give a gift that could save a life this Christmas

This Christmas, why not give a gift that could save a life?

If you have an adventurous loved one who’s more likely to be found sailing the high seas or wandering the wilderness than vegging out this festive season, consider gifting them something that could prove infinitely more valuable the more traditional gifts found under the tree.

Lifejackets can improve survival rates in cold water by four times and should be worn by those on sailing yachts, motor cruisers as well as fishing off rocks and piers.

Buoyancy aids are suitable when there’s a chance you might get wet – for kayakers, canoeists, rowers and dinghy sailors, for example. For more information, visit

By buying your loved one a Personal Locator Beacon, or PLB, you are giving them the means to alert rescuers if they get into difficulty on land or sea anywhere in the world. You’re also buying yourself some peace of mind.

Or for a lifesaving gift that doesn’t cost a thing, download the RYA SafeTrx safety app onto your loved one’s Apple or Android phone. For all sea and coastal users, the app monitors your activity and alerts emergency contacts should you fail to return home on time. There’s also a registration only option available online. Find out more.

HM Coastguard’s Tago Mcleod said: “With the range of affordable lifejackets and buoyancy aids available for all types of waterborne activities there really is no excuse for not wearing one.

“Accidents will and do happen and a lifejacket really can make all the difference to surviving and going home to your family.

“PLBs are small, easy to use and do not require a contract or subscription. Using satellite technology, they enable a person in difficulty to raise the alarm almost anywhere in the world.

“Although they may not be quite as exciting as the latest tablet or computer game they can save your life; on land or water.” 

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