Debris washing ashore in Pembrokeshire

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is aware items of debris have begun to wash ashore after being lost in the early hours of Monday morning from a container ship sailing off the Pembrokeshire coast.

These items may include packets of rice cakes, apples and tin foil.

Items have been reported at Broad Haven in St Brides Bay, Angle and Freshwater West. A Maritime & Coastguard Agency reconnaissance aircraft is carrying out regular checks of local beaches, and the Pembrokeshire coast National Park will be assisting in surveying the beaches. 

Those responsible for the cargo are aware and are formulating a clean-up operation and temporary storage in co-ordination with Pembrokeshire County Council.

As there is an ongoing clean-up operation, we ask that items are left for the authorities to collect and dispose of appropriately. These materials have an owner so if you do recover anything, please be aware that you have a legal requirement to report it to the Receiver of Wreck, however small or seemingly insignificant the items appear to be.

If you do see anything which may be related to this incident, please report this to your local Coastguard Operations Centre along with a description of its location, and any images you are able to take.

For more information regarding wreck material and how to report it visit:

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