A Christmas Day Rescue

While most of us were safe and sound tucking into our Christmas dinners yesterday afternoon, our staff were in our ops rooms and on call along with our coastguard volunteers across the UK, ready to help if you needed them.

One of the many calls we received on Christmas Day came from a member of the public just after 3pm saying they could see person stuck on a cliff at Gwithian Beach, Cornwall.

Coastguard rescue teams from St Ives and Porthreath, who are all volunteers, were sent along with an area commander. The coastguard helicopter from Newquay was on a training flight nearby and arrived in less than a minute of being tasked.

The helicopter’s winchman paramedic was lowered to the man and used a single strop to scoop him off the cliff.

Thankfully the man was checked over by the paramedic and didn’t need to go to hospital, he was then escorted home by members of the coastguard rescue teams.

Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year everyone, but remember if you do see someone in trouble along the coast or at sea call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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