UK weather warnings

Parts of the UK are set for a battering this weekend and HM Coastguard is asking people to take extra care on the coast.

Gale force winds will mean big seas and waves, with weather conditions at the coast likely to be incredibly dangerous.

Duty controller for HM Coastguard, Phil Norman said: “Storms and high tides can make the coast incredibly treacherous. We’ve already seen earlier this week people struggling to drive through water and almost being swept away. Please don’t take the risk. Please take a diversion rather than put yourself in the way of tides.”

He also warned people not to risk taking pictures: “We all know that the coastline can look incredibly dramatic. Remember that the pictures you see in publications and online are taken from a safe distance away by professional photographers with long lenses. Don’t get up close or it might be the last picture or selfie you ever get.

“We’re asking everyone to take extra care and keep well away from breaking waves, piers and jetties and keep well back from cliff edges this weekend”.

Photo credit: Brian Spicer

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