Fisherman rescued after 12 hours on rocks

A fisherman was rescued early this morning (Nov 29) after spending around 12 hours on a remote rocky islet north of Herm in the Channel Islands.

A search and rescue helicopter from Lee on the Solent was sent to assist Guernsey Coastguard, who had sent two lifeboats, shortly after 11pm last night (Nov 28) after a fishing vessel was reported as overdue by seven hours.

The helicopter crew of four managed to spot the missing fisherman waving his arms from a ridge on the rocks, successfully winched him up and safely transferred him to an ambulance at 1.15am.

He had swum to the rocks after his boat capsized at 1pm yesterday (Nov 28).

Duty captain of the search and rescue helicopter Simon Hoare said: ““In just a T shirt and jeans, soaking wet, and with no shelter, or protection from the elements, this man was very lucky to be found when he was.

"We were all elated to find him. A successful outcome, such as this, is what makes our job so rewarding.”

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