Update on fishing vessel grounded in South Skerries, Shetland

Update: 6.25pm Sunday 4 August
Aith RNLI all weather lifeboat returned to the grounded vessel at around 11.20am today to keep a watch on the vessel as high tide approached in case it refloated. However, the vessel was reported to be hard aground. 
The lifeboat has reported an oily sheen around the vessel and the immediate skerry, the precise source of the leak from the fishing vessel is unknown at the moment.

Two tugs have also proceded to the scene, the TYSTIE contracted by the fishing vessel’s owners, which now on scene and the ETV, the IEVOLI BLACK which arrived around 6.00pm.

The fishing vessel’s master and chief engineer were transferred back onboard late this afternoon to undertake an inspection of engines and propeller, and to see the extend of any other damage. During this inspection, the vessel took on a greater list to port and the personnel were recovered to their support vessel, they have now returned to Scalloway.

The wider MCA response organisation has been activated, with the Duty Counter Pollution & Salvage Office (DCSPO), Duty Secretary of States Representative (SOSRep) and Duty Survey and Inspections Officer all engaged with the incident.
A more detailed survey of the grounded vessel will be needed to determine future salvage action.
Note: We don't currently have any photographs available from the scene but some helicopter footage from HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Sumburgh from early this morning has been made available to us.


Update 5/8/2019

The FV COELLEIRA remains aground on the Ve Skerry with a slight list to port today (5 August). The government ETV, the IEVOLI BLACK remains on scene as guardship.
The light diesel pollution reported yesterday has dissipated.
The vessel’s owners and insurers have been asked to appoint a salvor and the MCA is waiting for notification of who will undertake the task and the proposed salvage plan.  As part of this work the insurers have also appointed a marine surveyor, based in Lerwick, to inspect the vessel this afternoon (5 August).

The MCA and MAIB incident management organisations are collaborating fully with other bodies including Marine Scotland (MS), the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH, all of which are regularly briefed on the situation. The MCA’s Secretary of State’s Representative (SOSRep) for Maritime Salvage & Intervention is continuing to monitor the situation.  

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