Three people rescued from the water after their vessel ran aground.

HM Coastguard has coordinated the rescue of three people from the water after their vessel ran aground off Burghead.

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HM Coastguard was contacted just before 8 this evening (10 August) by a 30ft motor cruiser with 3 people on board, by VHF radio, saying that they had lost engine power and were heading to the shore in bad weather off Burghead.

The people abandoned the vessel and sought safety in their life raft. Shortly after their motor cruiser ran aground.

Burghead Coastguard Rescue Team, Moray Independent Rescue Boat, Buckie RNLI Lifeboat, an Offshore Industry Rescue Bond helicopter from Aberdeen and Scottish Ambulance Service were all sent.

Burghead coastguard Rescue Team carried out a water rescue and all three people were brought safely to shore. The people are currently being checked over by the Ambulance Service.
Jonathan Mustard, HM Coastguard said: ‘The people were extremely lucky, fortunately they were all wearing life jackets and had suitable lifesaving equipment with means of raising the alarm.  They were able to abandon their vessel for the life raft. Coastguard Rescue Officer entered the water, in rough conditions and were able to bring everyone safely to shore.’

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