Rescue of teen in a tight spot at Wick

A 14 year old boy has been safely rescued from a cliff fall at a remote coastal castle at Wick, near Caithness in Scotland, involving HM Coastguard and multiple other emergency services working together.

The boy who was on holiday with his family from France was visiting the Sinclair-Girnigoe castle when he slipped and fell over a ledge, injuring himself and becoming trapped at the bottom of a difficult-to-access narrow gulley, just above the approaching rising tide.  

HM Coastguard was contacted by Scottish Ambulance Service at about 5pm on 12 August asking for assistance. The HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter from Sumburgh was sent and coastguard rescue teams soon arrived on the scene from nearby Wick, Scrabster, Duncansby and Melvich. The Wick RNLI lifeboat was sent and the multi-agency rescue also included Police Scotland and Scottish Ambulance Service.

“All the crews did a superb job and the safety, speed and efficiency of this rescue in a very challenging location is a true testament to the collaboration between all the HM Coastguard and other emergency services.  

"We are very proud of the work that our teams do which relies on the dedication not only of the front line responders but all those who provide the essential behind the scenes support. This case is a prime example. We’re pleased to see from recent media reports that the boy is recovering well and we wish him and his family all the best,” said Fiona Hastie, coastal operations area commander, HM Coastguard, Highland area.

The Wick cliff rescue technicians reached the boy in the gully and the ambulance paramedic provided pain relief and medical aid until further assistance arrived.

As soon as the boy was made more comfortable, the helicopter hovered about 100ft above the gulley and the teams on the ground worked together to help the winchman paramedic take the stretchered boy onto the helicopter and onwards to the Royal Aberdeen Infirmary.

We'd like to thank David Scott for providing the images

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