Long distance response to injury on board yacht 88nm from Amble

HM Coastguard is currently coordinating the response after a Digital Selective Calling (DSC) alert was received from a yacht 88nm miles east of Amble.
Although there is no VHF range, a nearby ship has been relaying information between HM Coastguard and the people on board the yacht.
The distance means that the HM Coastguard helicopter from Humberside has been sent as one of those on board has been injured and needs to be taken to hospital.
Amble RNLI lifeboat is making its way to the scene to help escort the yacht back in to the shore.
Jolene Smith from HM Coastguard said: ‘The people on the yacht have done exactly the right thing by triggering the DSC alert which was picked up by the nearby vessel who relayed it to us. Because it’s such a distance away, the vessel has acted as a go between, relaying important information to us and allowing us to communicate with the yacht. The nature of the injury means that the person hurt needs to be taken to hospital as soon as possible which is why the helicopter has been sent. The lifeboat will shadow the yacht which intends to make its way to Amble.’

Picture: Navion Anglia

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