Swim Safe During Hot Weather

HM Coastguard is urging swimmers cooling down this weekend in the water to swim safely. 

There have been a number of incidents this weekend sparked by the warm weather and large numbers of people opting for a swim. 

On Friday evening two teenage boys were rescued after being swept out at the river in Seaton, Devon.  Bere Coastguard Rescue Team and Lyme Regis RNLI lifeboat attended and the Coastguard rescue helicopter from Lee On The Solent and both boys were recovered and checked over by paramedics. 

On Saturday early evening, a teenage boy and two adults, got into difficulty at Littlehampton Harbour close to the river mouth and members of the public threw life rings to help them get out of the water.  Littlehampton Coastguard Rescue Team attended and also gave water safety advice for visitors to the area to prevent further incidents. 

HM Coastguard advice is to enjoy the lovely warm weather and if you cool down with a swim, the best option is to choose a lifeguarded beach and take the advice of lifeguards on the beach.  Swim parallel to the shore and avoid most harbours and fast flowing water where you can easily be swept away.  If swimming is prohibited, there is most likely a good reason for the warning.

Don't get carried away...  inflatables are not suitable for use in the sea. Tide conditions, the wind, any changes in the weather can just take them out beyond safe depths. Please, don’t use them, don’t take them to the seaside. Inflatables really should only be used in swimming pools, not at the coast where they can quickly go from being fun to being potentially deadly. 

For more information visit www.coastguardsafety.campaign.gov.uk 

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