One Small Step.... Strawberry Moon captured by Coastguard helicopter

We'll just leave this here....#OneSmallStep
Celebrating the longest day ☀️ #SummerSolstice with an incredible capture of the #StrawberryMoon 🌕taken on Tuesday night by our #Stornoway Coastguard helicopter.
After a busy day, being tasked to two concurrent incidents, Stornoway Coastguard crew - Capt. Simon Fraser, Co-Pilot Capt. Will Macleod, Winch Operator Iain Stables and Winchman Paramedic Andy Cowx - had just finished a mountain rescue on the Isle of Skye with Skye Mountain Rescue Team SCIO and were on route to Raigmore Hospital with a fallen walker.
The weather was poor so the helicopter crew flew to 5,500ft and as the clouds broke this incredible scene of the strawberry moon unfolded.

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