First Inspection For Small Fishing Vessels To Remain Free

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) confirms that from 1 April 2019 they will continue to waive the inspection fees for first inspections of fishing vessels under 15 metres However, the MCA will be enforcing charges for second surveys; if the surveyor has to re-inspect a vessel to be satisfied that a certificate can be issued.   

Small Fishing Vessel Certificates confirm the vessel complies with the relevant requirements of the Code of Practice for Small Fishing Vessels, at the time of inspection. Without a certificate the vessel cannot be used.  

It is important that owners prepare adequately for their inspection to avoid the need for a second visit to re-inspect the vessel.   Guidance to help you prepare for your survey is available: Prepare for survey  

The surveyor has the option of requesting email/photographic proof of deficiencies being rectified or re-inspecting if they consider that the number of deficiencies or their nature require a visit to inspect to quality of the remedial work. 

The current MCA survey fees are £120 per hour in respect of any work carried out.  These fees will increase to £147 in November. 

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