Rock fall at Oxwich Beach in Wales

HM Coastguard is advising the public to avoid the coastal path and base of the cliff between Oxwich Church and Oxwich Point at Oxwich Beach after a significant rock fall this afternoon, in case of further instability and falls. 

Milford Haven Coastguard Operations Centre received a call from South Wales Police at 3pm today reporting a substantial rock fall at Oxwich Bay Beach, along the coastline towards Oxwich Point.  Police and Oxwich and Rhossili Coastguard Rescue Teams attended  to keep nearby members of the public safe and to cordon the area off to prevent anyone unknowingly putting themselves in danger.  

The photographs taken by Oxwich and Rhossili Coastguard Rescue Teams, shows one part of the fall which has slid down the cliff as a block, with trees remaining on the top.   Please credit HM Coastguard if using this photograph.

The size of the fall is estimated to cover an area of 30 metres by 30 metres and is reportedly larger than a previous significant rock fall in 2009 in the same area.  The local council, Natural Resources Wales and the landowners have also been informed and a further inspection is likely in daylight tomorrow.  

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