Search and Rescue simulation for emergency crews at Holkham Estate

A multi-agency training exercise simulating a complicated rescue of a fallen injured horse and rider took place earlier today (Friday 7 December) to prepare emergency crews in the event of a potential incident in Norfolk.

HM Coastguard led the multi-agency training exercise which involved Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service, Norfolk Police, Natural England and the National Trust rescuing a trapped rider from beneath an injured horse on the Holkham Estate.

The staged rescue was designed to test and replicate the response capabilities of the primary responders that would be available and called upon in that area.

As part of the training exercise, HM Coastguard utilised their new all-terrain vehicle and Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service used their specialist horse dummy provided by their large animal rescue team. 

Norfolk Police also took the opportunity to launch their new drone - which has been kindly provided by Mrs Felicity Pugh, the wife of a gentleman who HM Coastguard and Norfolk Police rescued from the Titchwell marshes earlier this year. 

Anthony Garbutt, Senior Coastguard Operations Officer for HM Coastguard said:  ‘Today’s exercise was a great success and we’re grateful for all the emergency services support and special assets based locally that attended.  We are very grateful to the Holkham Estate for allowing us to use their location for the exercise.  It’s clear from today’s training that this area is very well supported by specialist local emergency services. 

‘If there’s one big message to come out of today’s event it’s that people need to let someone know where they going and what time they’ll be home so that an alarm can be raised if they don’t return on time.  This way, the appropriate resources can launch a search quickly if anyone is missing along the coast of North Norfolk.’



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