MV Kuzma Minin detained until repairs are undertaken

Taken by Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team yesterday
After a successful re-float the MV Kuzma Minin was assisted to a sheltered anchorage within Falmouth Bay where it will remain for the coming few days.

A Port State Inspection by MCA Surveyors took place in the early evening of 18 December and confirmed a breach in one of the fuel tanks.  Tank readings indicate the tank has filled with water as a consequence of the grounding, however no pollution has been reported. 

The vessel has subsequently been detained by the MCA and directed not to leave Falmouth Bay until acceptable repairs have been made.  Further inspections by divers and Class are also expected to take place.  Once the repairs have taken place, a follow-up inspection will be made before the vessel can be released.

The vessel has full electrical and engine power, and all crew onboard are safe and well.

The SOSREP is liaising with the owners of the vessel and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) have also been sent to Falmouth.

The SOSREP, MCA, Falmouth Harbour, Cornwall County Council and the Standing Environment Group continue to liaise and monitor the situation.  

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