Person safely rescued from sinking boat off Newquay

One person has been rescued after his boat sank two nautical miles off Newquay this afternoon.

A Mayday call was received by the UK Coastguard from the vessel at around 1.45pm today, reporting that it was taking on water.

The Coastguard search and rescue helicopter from Newquay together with lifeboats from Newquay were sent to the scene. A passing vessel also responded to the broadcast and rescued the person who had made the call. He was unhurt in the incident and needed no medical treatment.

The boat has now been safely towed back to Newquay Harbour. Newquay Coastguard Rescue Team and Cornwall Fire and Rescue also attended to assist in pumping out the vessel.

Matt Rogers from UK Coastguard said: ‘It’s always important when you make a distress call to make sure you remain on Channel 16 so that we can gather all the information required and maintain a vital link in communication. As the distress channel all vessels will be listening and respond. Remain calm and pass as much detail as you can.’

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