Always be prepared before you set out to sea

This afternoon Humber Coastguard Operations Centre have been busy locating three separate angling vessels from within the Humber estuary, all of whom were lost in the fog. All vessels were safely returned to shore with the assistance of Humber and Cleethorpes Lifeboats alongside Cleethorpes and Donna Nook Coastguard Rescue Teams.

​Senior Maritime Operations Officer Steve Cox from the UK Coastguard said,

'We highly recommend anyone going out to sea should invest in the correct communications equipment including a fixed DSC VHF radio, a back-up VHF radio and ideally some sort of distress beacon. 

Weather conditions can change in an instant, always check the weather and tidal conditions before you set out so that you can prepare accordingly. 
If fog is forecast, poor visibility could obscure your safe return to the shore. Carry a compass, chart and GPS in case the visibility deteriorates. Aerosol fog horns are also available and might be useful if others are nearby or are looking for you. 

To help us in locating you, should you get into difficulty, consider joining the MCA’s voluntary CG66 safety identification scheme. Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return and remember to update them if your plans change.'

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