Search coordinated for missing vessel on Loch Erisort

The UK Coastguard coordinated a search overnight for an overdue vessel in Loch Erisort, Isle of Lewis.

The Stornoway RNLI Lifeboat, South Lochs, Stornoway, Tarbet and Breascleate Coastguard Rescue Teams, the Coastguard search and rescue helicopter from Stornoway and Police Scotland conducted a land, air and sea search for a man who was reported missing at approximately 10.45 pm on Thursday 7 October.

Following an extensive search, the man was found 3 hours later safe and well and has been taken to the Western Isles Hospital.

A Coastguard spokesperson said:

‘After an extensive search, we are pleased to report that the man has been found safe and well. It appears that he had engine difficulties but managed to get himself to shore. This is a happy ending, but it could have ended very differently.

‘Whenever you go to sea, make sure you take appropriate communications, navigation and safety equipment with you. We recommend where possible, all vessels are fitted with VHF DSC radio equipment which can send a distress alert and, if it is linked up to GPS, an accurate position of your vessel to the Coastguard with one touch of a button.

‘It is always good practice to let some know where you are, what you are doing and when you expect to return. Update them if you plans change. As ever, if you get into trouble or if see anyone who you think may be in trouble, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.’

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