Transocean Winner: No operation to begin to load rig until weather window appears

The Transocean Winner is stable and remains in Broad Bay, connected to eight anchors.
At the moment the operation to move the rig has to wait for a weather window within operational limits – based on current forecasts this is unlikely to be for at least two days but forecasts are being closely monitored.
The deballasting operations on the Transocean Winner rig began at 8.40pm on Saturday evening and were completed successfully by 8am on Sunday morning.
However, if there are any problems with stability, the rig will be ballasted down to the original draft.
The Hawk  remains on standby and preparations continue for the loading phase to begin.
TEZs (temporary exclusion zones) remain in place both at Broad Bay and Dalmore Bay. When the time comes to begin the loading operation, an additional TEZ will be established around the Hawk during the float-on operation.

Picture: Danny Pendry, Marine Scotland

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