Fishing vessel and Royal Navy respond to Mayday to save sinking vessel

Shortly after 1.15am today (Wednesday 21 September) a 20ft vessel issued a Mayday call to the UK Coastguard after it began taking on water in the middle of the Irish Sea, 16 miles west of the Isle of Man.

HMS Somerset and fishing vessel Stefanie M were a few miles away when they picked up the UK Coastguard’s Mayday Relay Broadcast asking for assistance from vessels in the area.  Stefanie M and HMS Somerset’s helicopter responded immediately to the scene and HMS Somerset altered course to make its way to the stricken vessel.

UK Coastguard also tasked UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Prestwick and the Peel RNLI all weather lifeboat to assist the operation.

The Royal Navy helicopter and the fishing vessel kept the sinking vessel under a safe wing until the arrival of the Lifeboat.

Four persons on board the vessel, three adults and one child are safe and well and are now being escorted to shore with their vessel.


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