Update: Transocean Winner drilling rig, Isle of Lewis

During the past 24 hours, Transocean and SMIT Salvage have continued to plan and prepare for the refloat operation for the Transocean Winner currently grounded at Dalmore Bay.
Yesterday Transocean was asked to use the good weather conditions on scene to take the opportunity to remove non-essential diesel oil and any other potential pollutants from the drilling rig.
It has now been confirmed that 200 tonnes of hydrocarbons, consisting of mainly diesel oil with small amounts of base oil and brine, was successfully transferred from the rig onto the supply vessel Olympic Orion.
No pollution has been reported or observed. The MCA is sending its verification aircraft to overfly the rig and surrounding area. The aircraft is currently in Inverness and is waiting for a higher cloud base on site before the flight can be safely carried out.
Transocean plans to refloat the rig over the high water tomorrow night (Monday 22 August).
The rig will then be towed to Broad Bay, Isle of Lewis and will remain there until it is in a stable and fit condition to be towed or transported to a suitable repair facility.
Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of State's Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention said: 'Good progress is being made in this operation. The plans for the refloat are in place Although this is dependent on the Salvage team being able to recover enough buoyancy to enable the rig to refloat safely.'
Picture: Maritime & Coastguard Agency

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