Update: Transocean Winner, drilling rig, Isle of Lewis (August 20th)

Preparations to refloat the rig, Transocean Winner which remains aground in Dalmore Bay, continue. This morning Transocean confirmed that the operation to transfer the diesel oil from the pontoon tanks, to a safer position above sea level was successfully completed.

It is hoped that a transfer of the recovered oil from the higher tanks within the rig to the supply vessel ‘Olympic Orion’ should be completed within the next 24 hours. A small quantity of diesel oil will be retained on board to supply the emergency generator and other essential services.

During the past 24 hours further equipment for the refloat operation has been placed on the rig.

No pollution has been reported.

A decision will be made tomorrow morning as to whether the operation to refloat the rig will commence within the next 48 hours.

A Temporary Exclusion Zone of 300 metres remains in place. 

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