Update: Transocean Winner drilling rig (13th August)

Plans to board the drilling rig Transocean Winner as part of the ongoing salvage operation off the Isle of Lewis are continuing.
Although the team of eight salvors was unable to be winched down, other options including looking at boarding from sea using a rope access team have been explored today. The team successfully managed to climb partly up the installation. Weather permitting, they will return tomorrow morning and if it’s safe to do so, find a safe accessible route onto the main deck itself.
Work goes on with the owners and salvors to look at bringing in additional air assets to board the rig, if as originally thought, it does prove too difficult to board from the sea.
Hugh Shaw, who is the Secretary of State’s representative for maritime salvage and intervention, said: ‘We are aware of how much interest there is still about this rig locally and we completely understand. We’ve been working alongside local emergency services and other organisations to make sure that everyone’s well informed about the next steps and we will continue to share information with others for that reason.’

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