UK Coastguard helicopter medevacs yachtswoman during race

The UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Lydd medevac’d an injured crew member from the Clipper 2015-2016 Round the World Yacht Race entry ‘ClipperTelemed+’ to Colchester Hospital for treatment on Friday 29 July 2016.

The Coastguard received a call from the racing clipper at about at 2.50pm reporting that the yachtswoman had fallen below decks, injuring her shoulder which was thought to be dislocated and potentially broken. 
After connecting the vessel with a duty doctor to consult with the casualty, the Coastguard helicopter was sent to the yacht, which was approximately ten miles east of Felixstowe, off the Norfolk Coast approaching the Thames estuary.

UK Coastguard Duty Controller Ian Guy said:  ‘People often wonder what happens if you get sick at sea, who should you call - the answer is always the Coastguard.  We provide a critical link to lifesaving medical services for seafarers, crew members and passengers with medical emergencies.

‘The advanced capabilities of our Coastguard helicopters allow us to airlift and transfer patients to the nearest hospitals, reducing the time it takes for patients to receive medical care. In this case the nearest lifeboat was over 70 minutes away so sending the Coastguard helicopter was the best and most timely option.   We are pleased to hear that the casualty only had a sprained shoulder and was able to return to the yacht the following day for the final leg of the parade on the River Thames.’

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