Rocket debris turns up near the Isles of Scilly

A piece of metal recovered from the sea off the Isles of Scilly looks to be debris from an American space rocket.
The metal – a large section of alloy about 10 metres by 4metres, was spotted on the surface between Bryher and Tresco.
Picture: MCA
It was reported to the UK Coastguard this afternoon, which immediately issued a warning to shipping in the area.

The debris was recovered with the help of local professional boatman, before being towed into New Grimsby and is currently securely held on the beach at Tresco.
Picture: MCA
Martin Leslie, Coastal Area Commander, said, ‘The markings show an American flag. It looks like it’s an American rocket and is similar to the unmanned Space X Falcon 9 which blew up shortly after take-off from Cape Canaveral in June.

‘We’re grateful for all those who helped in its recovery – it was a great example of the community working together.’

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