Safety Spotlight - News: Please take care at the coast or risk tragic consequences

Coastguards across the UK have issued a stark warning to take care at the coast or risk tragic consequences. The warning comes as many are expected to travel to the coast for beach holidays and days out in the UK across the remaining summer months.  

In the past ten days, Her Majesty’s Coastguard recorded that nine people* have sadly died while visiting the beach or coast. Each death represents a widescale tragedy for the families and friends of those who have died. Others have faced life-changing injuries. 

HM Coastguard is pleading with everyone to look after themselves, stay safe and avoid the dangers while at the seaside or coast. 

Director of HM Coastguard Claire Hughes said

We can’t emphasise this enough - the sea has no respect for whether you’re local or not and whether you’re experienced or not.   

“Please always check weather conditions and tide times before going out. The Coastguard will always respond to 999 and do all we can to get people home and safe. 

“We’ve seen too many tragedies already this summer and we’re sad for those whose families have been left heartbroken by the loss.

“But be careful. Think twice about what you’re doing at the coast that might put you, your family and friends and even those who come to rescue you in danger. Watch out for each other and those you love. Get home safe. 

This summer the Coastguard reminds everyone to: Check tide times, remember the sea has currents, hidden depths and rip currents that can’t easily be seen. It’s best to leave inflatables at home and make sure you have fully charged phones or other means of contact. 

The public is reminded to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard if ever they need to. 

* Quoted figure is from HM Coastguard’s fatality reporting records 


The warning comes ahead of World Drowning Prevention Day on Sunday 25 July, a United Nations initiative which came out of its first-ever resolution on Global Drowning Prevention (A/75/L. 76) during the seventy-fifth session on 28 April 2021 


Take a look around our other stories and features in this blogspot, with useful tips and facts that will help you and your loved ones to have fun and stay safe. Make sure you take home only happy memories from your time at the coast this summer.


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