Fire safety advice for boaters

Two people and a dog escaped from a boat fire last night in Dartmouth. As this is the second boat fire in the area in just one week Brixham Coastguard has been prompted to remind boaters of the top fire safety tips;

1. Fit smoke alarms, carbon monoxide and gas detectors.

2. Turn fuel off properly after use.

3. Dispose of cigarettes carefully. Put them out, right out.

4. Make sure appliances are installed and maintained by a trained fitter.

5. Clean up fuel spillages straight away.

6. Plan your emergency procedure and make sure everyone on board knows it.

7. Avoid fighting a fire yourself.

8. Get out, stay out and wait for the Fire and Rescue Service.

9. If you are moored near land move everybody off the boat and call 999 immediately.

10. If you are off-shore move as far away from the fire as you can on deck. Get everybody into life jackets and make a mayday call.

11. Keep fire blankets and extinguishers close to exits and risk points, such as the galley and engine area. Only use them if you know how to.

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