Sunday, 11 December 2011


Two kayakers were given medical attention this evening after abandoning their kayaks whilst out at sea off Morfa Nefyn and spending three hours in the water trying to make it back to shore.

North Wales Ambulance Control contacted Holyhead Coastguard at 10.06 pm to report that a member of the public had called to inform them that two kayakers had knocked on their door asking if they could come inside to warm up after being in the water, and that they potentially needed medical attention.  Holyhead Coastguard sent the Porthdinllaen Coastguard Rescue Team to meet the casualties to find out what had happened and assist in locating their kayaks.

Once on scene, the coastguard rescue team reported back to the Operations Room that the two male kayakers (one aged 23 and one aged 24) had set out from Morfa Nefyn beach at 7pm, had gone out approximately half a mile and then panicked, abandoned the kayaks and been washed ashore.  When they finally made it ashore just before 10pm, they knocked on the door of a nearby house to ask for help and an ambulance was called.  The coastguard rescue team spoke to the two casualties and the kayaks were recovered. 

Barry Priddis, Holyhead Coastguard Watch Manager said:

“Although this incident contains a catalogue of errors that we would warn against, the fact that these two kayakers were both wearing lifejackets undoubtedly saved their lives tonight.  We always advise members of the public not to go out on the water in conditions or distances that are beyond their capability, and if they do find themselves in such a situation, to call the Coastguard and ask for help.  Attempting to swim ashore is very dangerous, especially with outside temperatures as they are at the moment and had these two not been wearing lifejackets which kept them afloat we could be looking at a very different outcome.”