HM Coastguard's Mutual Aid work continues

Our Coastguard Rescue Teams are still busy supporting our emergency service partners, the NHS and local authorities as part of a UK-wide Covid-19 mutual aid effort.

Over one hundred of our Coastguard Rescue Teams have responded to requests for assistance from Police forces around the UK by patrolling beaches and coastal hotspots, providing safety advice and reporting incidents or large gatherings of people.

The graphic (image one below) shows and offers an insight into the location of our teams around the country and the areas in which they have been sent to incidents throughout the past month (period dating between March 27th to April 27th).

In image two, the yellow and red markings illustrate the locations of our teams that have been required to assist in more mutual aid work with our partners than those in green.

 Matt Leat, Head of Infrastructure at HM Coastguard, said: “We remain committed to be providing support to other category 1 responders by supporting frontline services and assisting vulnerable people within local communities.

“Statistics help provide us with a greater understanding of the work we're doing and what resources we are using on a day-to-day basis. This data is really important to us, particularly at this time as we have had up to 145 Coastguard Rescue teams involved in mutual aid assistance.

"Our mutual aid work together, with local authorities and our emergency partners, has enabled us to further highlight the supportive and fundamental role HM Coastguard is playing within communities across the UK."

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