Have fun playing Pokémon GO but be careful, says UK Coastguard

In the early hours of this morning (Tuesday 19 July 2016), catching Pokémon GO took a not-so-fun turn when the UK Coastguard was called to investigate reports of a group of twenty youths taking a rowing boat without permission, to chase a Pokémon across New Brighton marine lake. 

Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team and the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service arrived at the scene – but the youths had already left, leaving the rowing boat drifting in the middle of the marina. 

Senior Coastal Operations Officer, Danny Jamson said:  ‘We know that many people are enjoying Pokémon GO across the UK and we wouldn’t want to spoil that fun. However, we would ask people to use a little common sense and not to take risks while looking for Pokémon. The incident this morning shows that risk taking can put not only you in danger but also the rescue services who have to come to your aid.’

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