Monday, 14 January 2013


Eight crew members have been taken off a tug boat a mile off Hope’s Nose, Torbay after it began taking on water when it was struck by a vessel it was towing.

Brixham Coastguard has been coordinating the rescue operation after the collision happened just after 7pm on Sunday (13 January).
The RNLI Torbay all-weather lifeboat and the Exmouth all-weather lifeboat were sent to the scene, along with the local harbour tug from Brixham, the Royal Navy vessels HMS Lancaster and HMS Severn, the RAF search and rescue helicopter from Chivenor and the Torbay Coastguard Rescue Team.
Efforts are now being made to keep the tug afloat with a salvage crew from the Royal Navy on board, and pumps in use to try to control the water level.

UPDATE: 04:50 Monday 14 January

Water level on the tug is beginning to fall. More equipment is on its way, including generators and pumps. Divers may be brought on scene later this morning to try to fix the damage.

UPDATE: 07:20 Monday 14 January

RNLI and Royal Navy vessels have now left the scene. Another tug has started salvage operations and is currently pumping water from the stricken tug. The water level is continuing to fall and now awaiting divers to start repairs. Two more tugs are heading from Falmouth to assist.

UPDATE: 08:50 Monday 14 January

Pumping out of water continues to go well. Situation is more stable and confirmed at first light no report of pollution. Divers have been requested but no ETA yet.

UPDATE: 11:30 Monday 14 January

Salvors onboard tug Christos XXII, pumping operations continue to go well. Divers now deployed to inspect and repair.