Monday, 2 May 2011


Swansea Coastguard sent the Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard Rescue Team, requested the two Burnham-on-Sea lifeboats to launch and requested the Portland Coastguard helicopter to scramble this afternoon after receiving a report from the beach warden at Burnham-on-Sea that three men were being swept out to sea on an inflatable dinghy. West Country Ambulance also attended the scene.

The Coastguard received the 999 call from the beach warden at . All three men fell into the water, but two of them managed to scramble back on board the boat although the third was still in the water by the time that the lifeboats arrived on scene. One of the lifeboats plucked the man from the water and rescued the other two from the boat then took all three back to Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard. They were treated for mild hypothermia by ambulance paramedics.

Dave Jones, Swansea Coastguard Watch Officer says:

“Inflatable boats and toys are great fun if used in a swimming pool. We do not recommend them for use at the beach, since as we have seen today, they can easily be swept off shore. However, if you still insist upon using one, please make sure that it is tethered to an adult who is in the water with you. Do not, under any circumstances use it when there is an offshore wind blowing.

“If you are in an inflatable boat that is being swept out to sea, do not get in the water and attempt to swim back to shore unless you know that you are within your depth. Stay with your craft, raise your arms and shout for help.”

 Notes to Editors

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  1. Stay safe - before heading out on the water get trained, check weather and tides, wear a lifejacket, avoid alcohol and keep in touch

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